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Hassle-free coffee roasting software

coffee roasting

Simple, but powerful features to make your roasting better.

Creating profile for a new coffee

Designing profile for
new coffees is easy


Search roasting history with filters

Before roasting a new coffee, it is necessary to search the history of similar coffees from the past. You can quickly find past records with search terms and filters.


Check for differences from reference profile when roasting

With the previous record in the background, you can observe the roast in progress and the temperature difference exactly. This makes it easy to plan your profile by understanding or comparing the consistency of repeated roasts.


Compare the history of new coffees at once

If you've roasted a batch of new coffees, you can compare them all at once.It's easier to recognize roasting progressions and bean characteristics that you didn't know about before comparing.

When roast coffee with same profile

Improve consistency
when roasting repeatedly


Improve uniformity compared to reference profile

When roasting a product over and over again, uniformity is important. You can compare your current roast in real time against a reference profile. This helps to improve uniformity.


Compare today's production records for QC

Compare today's production records all at once. It's easy to see if you're producing evenly from the beginning to the end of the day. This feature also helps you identify trends with past records.


Check inventory of green coffee beans

No need to check your green bean inventory every time you roast.
The inventory of coffee is automatically calculated from the input/output you enter when roasting.

Monitor your roasts

Monitoring features that roasters really needed

View temperature and sensor charts with precision
and easily track your roasting machine operations

Easily record firepower and airflow values

You can enter firepower and airflow values with a few clicks. These numbers can be viewed and compared in a chart.

Observe the roasting chart in more details

View the temperature, time, and RoR with the crosshair that appears when you hover over the chart.

User-friendly chart settings and presets

By pre-registering the ranges for the temperature, time, and RoR of different roasting machines, you can easily control multiple roasting processes on one computer.

2x faster roasting machine sampling rates

Synchronize every 500ms from roasting machine sensors. This feature provides a faster response time and more accurate temperature and RoR than traditional software that samples every second.

Compare to other products

Why Firescope?

We are building software with great features at an affordable price to make it accessible to all roasters


With Firescope, you don't have to think about filenames when saving. Easily find and view your daily roasting history anytime, anywhere.


Save hundreds of dollars a month for your roasting software. All the crucial features you need are available in Firescope.

Hand Writing

With the help of Firescope, you can create a system for your roastery and ensure reliable production.


Try it for free first

Try Firescope first to see if it's a good fit for your roastery.
Later, you can choose a plan that makes sense based on the size of your roast.

Free Plan
Try out your home roaster or Firescope before rolling it out to your entire roastery
Trying out paid features
Roasting machine connect support for first time
No credit card required
Paid Plan
Use Firescope to manage all of your roastery's history.
Reasonable usage fees by number of roasts
Roast history stored for life
Organized data management for your roastery
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Focus on your roasting,
we will take care of the rest.