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Coffee Roasting Software

Simple, but powerful features to make your roasting better.
Powerful Roast Profiler

Designed for coffee roast profiling,
truly needed by roasters

Firescope is a roasting software designed to assist roasters in focusing on coffee roast profiling, whether roasting a new coffee or producing continuously.
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Integrates coffee and roasting view

View charts and coffee in one glance during roasting to capture both production and profiling.
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Comparing curves during roasting

Compare with a previous roast as a reference, clearly seeing temperature difference in real-time.


Record comments via keyboard while operating the machine.

Roast profiles

Manage and classify records with consistency using profile features.

Chart presets

Set chart range with presets when profile or roast level changes.

Faster sampling rate

Sample values the machine every 0.5 seconds for more precise curves.

Automatic event detection

Automatically check events like charge, drop, and first crack based on BT.

Interaction with chart

Hover the mouse over the chart to view values or edit events.
Roast Profile Analysis

Better usability enables
effective roasting data analysis

Saving roasting data as files alone won't change anything.
Try Firescope for cloud-based search and analysis of roasting data.
It will become an asset to your roastery.

Compare 20+ roasting records

Select and compare all desired roasting records in one place for analysis.

Find records with search and filters

Search and filter by machine, roaster, and coffee name to quickly and easily find records.
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Track coffee inventory by batch size

Green coffee inventory auto-calculates from roasting batch size; blend management included.

Over 1M+ roasts in
2,000+ roasteries globally

Trusted and used by various-sized roasteries and competition champions.
I've been able to transition from relying on intuition to confidently understanding and controlling the quality of well-brewed coffee, thanks to clear data presented through graphs.
Hyeongyong Jeong
2019 Brewers Cup Champion in Korea
Recording, reviewing, and communicating throughout the roasting process are crucial steps in accumulating experience and fostering improvement over time.
I believe that Firescope facilitates these processes, making it a vital tool for advancing roasting skills.
Junseon Lee
FAABS Coffee Roasters
Real-time recorded data has significantly enhanced communication among roasters.
The ability to promptly identify issues and address them immediately in the subsequent roasting process has streamlined the QC (Quality Control) procedures for greater convenience.
Minho Kim
HOWW Coffee
2020 Roasters Cup Champion in Korea
The key to successful roasting lies in consistently reproducing results and understanding the process thoroughly.
Firescope is a software that impeccably satisfies both of these crucial aspects in our roasting journey.
Sunghyun Joo
180 Coffee Roasters Head Roaster
2017 Roasting Champion in Korea
A quick comparison between previous roasting records and current sessions enables prompt responses to variables.
The ease of graph comparison analysis enhances the quality of coffee beans through natural improvements in the QC process.
Sungbin Cho
CMG Coffee Bar Head Roaster,
Wecoffee Education Manager
The intuitively designed interface of Firescope allows roasters to effortlessly access crucial information and manipulate every recording element, contributing significantly to the consistent maintenance of product quality.
Firescope team’s proactive approach in promptly meeting user needs adds trust, enhancing the overall system reliability.
Mingeun Choi
Kalas Coffee Representative
2015 Roasting Champion in Korea

Focus on your roasting,
we will take care of the rest