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Time to switch from Cropster to Firescope, here is why

Jason Jin
March 26, 2024
min read
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It is needless to say Cropster has been the leader in the roasting software industry for over a decade.

Cropster has significantly increased its prices in recent years, which led many roasters to search for alternatives.

However, there are significant trade-offs if you end up with Artisan as an alternative. This is one of the main reasons why a large number of Cropster users have started to consider Firescope.

In this article, we will address some of the most-asked questions, including:

  • Why is Firescope a reasonable alternative to Cropster?
  • Reasons why you should use Firescope
  • How to easily switch from Cropster to Firescope

Why is Firescope a reasonable alternative to Cropster?

Most Cropster users are unable to switch to Artisan. The main reason for this is that Cropster provides a wide range of functionalities that can be performed online.

Like Cropster, Firescope also allows you to store your roasting, coffee, and production data in one workspace, enabling you to search and compare records or access them from other devices.

In Firescope, by creating your coffee with inventory data and linking it with each roasting, you can conveniently track inventory deductions from roasting.

Reasons why you should use Firescope

If Firescope has addressed the reasons that prevented you from leaving Cropster, let's now look into where Firescope offers even more advantages.

Fair subscription plans, affordable prices

Cropster not only starts with an expensive base fee starting at $100 a month, but it also adds additional charges based on your production volume.

If your roastery produces 5,000 KG per month, you would have to pay around $300 per month. What's important here is that your subscription cost increases depending on how much more your roastery will produce in the future.

Moreover, Cropster's billing policy means you pay the same amount even if you buy a larger roaster and use Cropster's profiling system less. We have come up with a more fair billing policy.

Firescope provides tiered pricing plans based on the number of batches you roast monthly. The structure where the more you use Firescope, the more you pay (see more on our pricing page)

Naturally, more than 100 roasteries already have chosen Firescope over Cropster. One of our super users shared that they are saving over USD 10K annually. With these savings, you could make more impactful investments in your business.

Solving the roasting challenges

Firescope focuses on satisfying the roaster's experience. We have improved the following features over Cropster:

  • Sampling roasting machine values more than twice as fast
  • Viewing coffee and profile information in an integrated UI even during roasting
  • Conveniently operating roasting with shortcuts
  • Entering gas and airflow comments and visualizing them in real-time
  • Freely changing the reference curve even during roasting
  • Comparing the difference between the reference curve and the current roasting curve

Cropster recently unveiled Roasting Intelligence 5, which contains a few features that are already being offered on Firescope. This new addition to Cropster reassured us that Firescope is headed in the right direction to enhance the roasting processes of our users.

Lifetime data storage

Your roasting profile data is the most valuable thing in your roastery. However, if you want to continue storing your data on Cropster, you need to pay a monthly fee. Even if you temporarily close your roastery for personal reasons or move somewhere, you must continue paying Cropster to keep your data. If you cancel your Cropster subscription, your precious data disappears within 3 days.

Firescope understands that such a data policy is an excessive burden on roasters. If you use Firescope, you can subscribe and cancel anytime, and your data will be accessible for a lifetime. If you want to keep your roasting data permanently, consider Firescope. If you've been using Cropster, we'll transfer your data to Firescope for free.

How to easily switch from Cropster to Firescope

After reading this article, if you find that you're paying excessive fees for using Cropster, it's time to switch to Firescope.

Trying out Firescope is easy. We support you with free 1:1 chat consultation and remote access so you can quickly connect your roaster with Firescope and test it. Invest a little time to integrate your roasting machine and experience roasting with Firescope.

If you're satisfied with the roasting experience in Firescope, you can seamlessly transition to it. We'll help you migrate your valuable roasting records from Cropster to Firescope so you can access them for a lifetime.

Explore expert tips, industry insights, and innovative techniques to enhance your roasting experience and unlock the full potential of your roasting. Get started with your coffee roasting software journey today!

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Jason Jin
Firescope Co-founder

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