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Why did we create Firescope after using Artisan?

Jason Jin
March 10, 2024
min read
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Artisan has played a pivotal role in expanding the necessity of roasting software as open-source software. Many roasters have used it during their roasting processes.

I began my roasting journey using Artisan. I could not accurately assess the value of roasting log programs when I first started roasting. However, as I delved deeper into roasting, I realized the features of Artisan were limited, which pushed me to develop a new software myself.

In this post, I will explain how Firescope serves as an alternative solution to Artisan.

No more being an artisan of naming files

If you want to roast a single coffee with one roaster, achieving identical results each time, then Artisan would be sufficient. However, achieving such uniformity in roasting is not as easy as it sounds. Therefore, it becomes necessary to include basic attributes such as the type of coffee, batch size, and the roaster in the filenames for organization and searchability. The attributes must be correctly ordered in the filename for easy search. Repeating these steps for every roast can be incredibly tedious, highlighting the need for a more efficient system to manage and organize roasting data.

Firescope has addressed these challenges as a cloud-based software solution. Instead of manually entering the required fields for each roast, Firescope allows users to simply input attributes such as batch name and batch size. With Firescope's profile feature, repetitive batch information for coffee and batch details can be automatically populated, significantly reducing manual input for frequent roasts. Roast events like charge time and first crack are automatically detected and recorded, streamlining the data logging process. This automation ensures that key roasting parameters are easily visible in the roasting history overview, enabling quick identification of specific roasts without needing to open each record. Unlike Artisan, Firescope enables users to effortlessly search for batches using criteria such as batch name, roasting date, roaster, and coffee name, simplifying the management and retrieval of roast data.

Enhanced roasting record management

I first began learning to roast at a shared roastery. For this reason, I once subscribed to Dropbox to save my Artisan files and open them on my computer at home. If your roasting space and quality control (QC) area are separate, and the computer you roast on and the one you review records on are not the same, managing Artisan files between these computers can cause significant expenses. To overcome this issue, Firescope stores all records on a cloud server, which means as long as you sign in with your account, you can access your records anytime, anywhere.

Manage coffee in the roastery

When using Artisan, it's difficult to make accurate distinctions about coffee information. If your roastery has been operating for a while, it can be challenging to remember the crop year of the same green coffee unless it is specifically noted each time. Information that is merely noted in passing can be difficult to leverage effectively. However, Firescope simplifies this process by allowing a direct link between roasting and coffee with just one click. This clarity enables precise differentiation of records by coffee. Through the use of filters in the roasting records, it is also possible to distinguish green coffees with similar attributes. For instance, you can easily view all the Ethiopian Natural coffees you've roasted. Furthermore, by mandatorily entering the batch size in the roast records, you can track how much green coffee you have used. This functionality becomes even more useful when an initial stock quantity is set up, making it easier to track and manage inventory based on batch sizes.

Optimized for roasting environment

Roasters are exposed to noisy and high-temperature environments. It is easy to forget which roast you are working on while checking the RoR, adjusting gas, and listening for the first crack. Artisan offers limited features and sometimes we might miss crucial information. Firescope's roasting interface, however, allows for an overall situation assessment. You can easily know how much and which green coffee you are roasting.

Supports integration with roasting machines

As the most used roasting log program, Artisan can connect to most roasters. However, it doesn't mean they assist with your roaster connection. For example, Giesen and Probat require pre-network settings at the operating system level. But they do not provide any official guide. Firescope, on the other hand, provides a guide so you can connect on your own. If there are any issues during connection, we will assist until you can use your roasting machine. Please contact us here.

In light of the limitations encountered with Artisan, Firescope emerges as an innovative solution tailored specifically for roasters. By addressing the inconveniences faced with file management and optimizing for the roasting environment, Firescope offers a seamless and efficient experience. With features like profile feature, record comparison, and faster sampling rates, Firescope empowers roasters to focus on what matters most: perfecting their craft. We invite you to experience the difference Firescope can make in your roasting journey. Try Firescope today and elevate your roasting experience to new heights.

Explore expert tips, industry insights, and innovative techniques to enhance your roasting experience and unlock the full potential of your roasting. Get started with your coffee roasting software journey today!

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Jason Jin
Firescope Co-founder

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